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Artist | Student | Digital Art

Hello, I'm Trang :3c I draw and try to get better at drawing.
T.V. are my initials.

This is my new account.

Old account:


sketchy-milk has started a donation pool!
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This is for possible future point commissions, but it would be lovely if you could help me out so that I can get a core membership one day ^^ Every point counts!

Anyone who donates 500 points or above will receive a sketch of their choice from me too :>

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Kao Emoji-08 (Kyaa Cute and Shy) [V1] 
Hey! So I've decided to open commissions. I'm gonna go to college soon and I figured I should at least try to get myself out there, at least once >w<cherry blossom 

Bulletpink PRICES Bulletpink 
Check out my commission ID:angella: 
[OPEN] sketchy-milk commission ID by sketchy-milk

Bulletpink TERMS Bulletpink 

I'm willing to draw: 
  - original characters;
  - architecture (only as part of the background!);
  - mild gore/violence;
  - animals; I can also draw anthro but you might want to discuss with me first if that's the case;
  - creepy stuff;
  - in a style different from my usual, per your request!

I'm not willing to draw:
- explicit mature content;
  - extremely graphic gore/violence;
  - mecha (but machine parts are alright!);

Bulletpink PAYMENT METHOD Bulletpink 

I accept cash as well as points on deviantARTI don't use the Commission widget, but I have a donation pool where you can pay directly. 

I don't list the prices above in points, but my conversion rate is: 1$ = 100pts. So sketch price would be 500 points, and so on.

And if you aren't sure, just ask me anytime! >w<

Bulletpink ORDER FORM Bulletpink 

Please send me a note entitled "Cash Commission - [your username]" or "Points Commission - [your username]" depending on your method of payment.

Then please fill out this form in the note:

   Commission type: (e.g. waist-up lineart; full body illustration; etc.)

   Character references: (Backstories, biographies, reference sheets, dynamics between characters (if there are 2 or more), anything goes!)

   Artwork description(Rough ideas, poses, composition, backgrounds, color palettes, general vibe, etc.)

   Other notes: (This is for extra details and/or special notes. Don't worry if you leave this blank, we'll be discussing!)

   Messaging: (The one that you use most, be it deviantART Notes, emails, tumblr, twitter, Skype, etc. Just make sure I can reach you Heart )

Bulletpink WORK PROCESS Bulletpink 

1. Send me an order. I'll confirm within 3 days, if the order is accepted.

2. Send the full payment.
 I will only start my first draft after receiving the full payment! :'D Depending on your payment method, I'll note you on how to pay, so don't worry about paying in cash and not having a PayPal account <3

3. I will start working. 

  For Sketch commissions, I will finish the artwork within 7 days.

For other types, I will send you a rough sketch within 3 days. You can revise the pic and tell me what you'd like to change about it, if any! After I have your approval, I will start on the lineart/colors/etc. I will work within 14 days.
Note that once I've had your approval and started working, any additional change will be charged for a fee!

If, unfortunately, I cannot meet my deadline, I will send you a note explaining why, at least 5 days before my deadline!

4. I will send you the final product. By default, I'll be sending you high-resolution files in .jpeg and .png. You may request .psd files if you'd like.

Aaaand that's all! Thanks for reading Pink Heart Icon  Please +fav this and maybe, um, spread the word for me! *Free Icon/Emote* Thank You Pusheen 


[SoA] Sappho's love
Some people just refuse to understand.


FINALLY got the time to draw episode 4. Honestly I love drawing girls so much. And Sappho's poetry is pure bliss- I just wish there were more poems of hers that survived.

Read it on Tapas if you use mobile, it's really a lot more convenient.
E - Ejr



pronounced "ey-yer"


nickname(s) :  Eye, Err 

d.o.b :  november 21st

affiliation : none

gender :  male

age :  thirty one ( 31 )

height :  7'2'' ( 216 cm )

weight :  238 lbs ( 108 kg )


species : Brutunon (polar bear) 

home point :  Gelum


role :  healer

class :  cook

job  :  street vendor

weapon :  stone cub








▸ [ Quick Buns ]

[description]  Rye buns stuffed with minced meat. They are soft, tasty and convenient, and most importantly they are very efficient at replenishing energy. Ejr is not very deft yet, so he can only carry 6 of them at a time. They have to be baked beforehand, and cannot be made during battles.
    Skill can be used 6 times maximum; consecutive use possible without cool down. (Can increase with proficiency)
    Skill is effective on 1 party member at a time.
    When used, 25% of the member's original health points will be added to their current health points. (Can increase with proficiency)

   proficiency: ★ 


▸ [ Power Stew ]

[description] A hearty, balanced stew with meat and vegetables that is sure to keep anyone filled for a long while. This is one of Ejr's most asked-for dish, so he has mastered how to cook it in any situation, in battle. It still takes time, though, and he can't defend himself while he's cooking.
    Skill can be used for as many times as desirable. Cool down time is 20 minutes after each use. (Can be reduced with proficiency)    
    Skill reduces the user's current defense points by 10% each time used. (Can be reduced with proficiency)
Skill is effective on all party members when used.
    When used, 20% of the user's original health points will be added to party members' current health points every time they make an attack. (Can increase with profiency)

   proficiency: ★ 



[ wordless . simple . wary . curious . diligent . slow ] 

Ejr is stoic. He isn't used to talking or being talked to. He is much quicker to read body language and sense emotions, especially anger. This is something he developed during childhood from constant beatings. Despite his size, he moves quickly when he is attacked, usually to dodge. He fights back occasionally, when he feels like he needs to.

His mind is simple as are his needs: anyone who shows kindness for long enough earns his momentary trust. If trust is broken, it will take a much longer time to gain it again, but not impossible. He doesn't know loyalty or betrayal, and his instincts does most of the work in his decisions.

He is slow in communicating, but this doesn't stop him from being an avid learner. Many things perk his interest despite the fact that he isn't very expressive. He is, however, reluctant to anything unfamiliar, as he doesn't know if it would harm him. 

Ejr is not exactly affectionate, but he welcomes physical contact as long as it isn't menacing. 




[ + ] sunrise            

[ + ] fresh fruits and vegetables         

[ + ] river baths            

[ + ] small statues carved from wood

[ - ] dogs

[ - ] hot climate

[ - ] dirty dishes

[ - ] cramped spaces        




Ejr was born in an eastern port of Gelum. His mother, a lady from a noble, had a fling with a fisherman. When she discovered she was with child, she tried to kill the baby but somehow never succeeded. She gave birth to Ejr and sold him to a farm in the south. The farm owner treated him like livestock. He was pierced at the ear, branded on the tongue, and taught to work on the field. He slept with the hounds and never really learned to speak the common tongue.

When he was 12, he escaped the barn and wandered south into the forest. He was caught by slavers. They decided that his strength was valuable, so they put him up for rent instead of selling. They tattooed his left shoulder with magic so that to bind and brand him. Some people rented him to do work, but some made him fight dogs for fun or torment him in various ways due to his fast healing.

When he was 17 he broke out of chains and attacked a client. It took seven people to knock him out. The slavers reinforced the tattoo on his left arm with magic to subdue his strength. His left arm was thus weaker than his right arm.

When he was 21, he killed a client and four other people who tried to restrain him. The slavers finally deemed him too dangerous and, after tattooing him one last time to reinforce their jinx, freed him from the binding spell and sold him to a freak circus that constantly travels between Hernan and Eirsius.

When he was 23, he snapped from the constant desert heat, broke his cage and fought his way out of the traveling circus. He escaped, but not before earning a long slash from brow to chest. His right eye became weaker than his left since then. At that point, they were at the edge of Eirsius and he staggered on the road until he collapsed in front of a small town. He was found by a kindly young nun who took him in the abbey and taught him to speak properly. It was during that time that he learned to cook. He made himself a cub from stone and constantly hunted to surprise the nun with meals, aside from doing chores.

When he was 28, the town was overcome with missionaries. The nun was joined by a group of monks, who did not like the sight of Ejr in the abbey. They blamed him of theft and ordered him to leave the place. Before he did, the kindly nun told him he could make food to sell for a living. She 
gave him her pocket money so that he could buy supplies, and prayed for him before sending him off.

He had been an adventurer ever since, wandering from town to town in Eirsius. He longed to save up enough to travel back to Gelum and settle there.




[ . ] Ejr is ambidextrous. Even though his left arm has been weakened from the magic tattoo, both of his hands are still used with equal ease.
[ . ] Ejr is slightly allergic to pollen.
[ . ] He doesn't sweat, but his nose becomes wet when he needs to cool down. 
[ . ] His nose is usually dry, unlike actual bears. He is still humanoid.
[ . ] His favorite foods are fish and carrot.






style : literate

length : from a few sentences to a few paragraphs, depending on the premise and the situation.

platform : gmail and google docs preferred; discord accepted

time : GMT+2 timezone




body modification : Yes. Bruises, open wounds and burns are all within limits and doesn't need permission. However tattoos or any visible, permanent modifications need permission first.

mutilation : Entire limbs/organs are completely off-limit. However for parts such as the edge of an ear, a knuckle of the finger, the tail, etc. you may ask for permission.

TMH - Jonathan Hirsch
application for :iconthe-midnight-hunt: !! thanks for inviting me you guys are an amazing team :heart:

B A S I C  I N F O

Name: Jonathan Hirsch
Nickname/Alias: Jon Doe
        Jon's surname, Hirsch, means deer in German. Coupled with the fact that his body was temporarily unidentified when found, he turned "John Doe" into his alias, Jon Doe, in a particularly dark moment of his humor. Jon even introduced himself to strangers with this name, and he liked it because it distanced him from his family even more.
Age: 20
Birth date: G117 July 22th
Weight: 67kg / 147lbs
Height: 165cm / 5'5
        Jon is of sturdy, dense build. He has broad shoulders and quite stocky muscles - which make him more heavy, as well as almost brutishly strong - but he isn't on the tall side. He holds onto the hope that he's still growing, and drinks a lot of milk.
Gender: Male
Occupation: B.Hunter


[S T A T I S T I C S]
Offense/Strength: 5
Vitality: 4
Defense: 3
Speed/Agility: 3
Luck: 1
Aptitude: 4

[W E A P O N] Butterfly net
The rod is made of steel and is nearly 180cm (6') long. The hoop's diameter is 60cm (2'). The net itself is over 210cm (7') long.
        Mechanics: The net can be tightened like a drawstring bag using the reel attached to the rod. The netting is made of fishing line; with enough reeling strength, there is the chance of dicing whoever is trapped in the net into pieces. It's not an effective method 


Honest | Forgetful | Disorganized | Pessimistic | Discreet | Awkward

"Nice to meet you, just call me Jon Doe. You know, as in... John Doe. Get it? No...? Okay."

        Jonathan is ultimately insecure about being a failure. He tends to expect the worst just so he won't let his hopes up about anything, and he doesn't want anyone to expect much from him in fear of failing them afterwards. He automatically assumes inferiority to most everyone, and doesn't try to do his best because he believes it'll end up the same anyway. He doesn't consider this negative and will truthfully explain to you exactly why he thinks so about himself.

        Jon isn't reserved; he likes to have friends and make friends. He just isn't good at doing that. Usually he ends up making weird jokes that people would laugh out of politeness. He doesn't get less awkward even when he's gotten closer to someone, but he grows affectionate and loyal. He doesn't mind lending an ear and giving advice whenever he can, and he keeps your secrets like his life depends on it.

        Or he forgets them. Jon forgets a lot of things, is easily distracted, and has the messiest bedroom you can imagine. He constantly panics over losing important documents only to have them show up hours later somewhere in his living space. This extends from his lifestyle to even his fighting style. 

Likes: nature, gardening, insects, quietness, the tune of À vous dirai-je maman, fizzy drinks, woolen socks
        Part of the reason why Jon loves gardening is because the sounds of gardening mostly don't have any taste, and if they do they are mellow. Besides, there aren't that many sounds involved when tending to plants, anyway.

Dislikes: children, traffic jams, crowds, spotlights, complete solitude, salty food, coffee

History: Child abuse | Self-harm | Suicide

"D flat tastes like curdled milk, and B tastes like weeks old pasta. That's just on the piano, though."

        Jon grew up in a professionally musical family. His parents were Austrians, both from Salzburg, but came to the US soon after their marriage. His father was a pianist, his mother a violinist, and together they had six children - Jonathan being the fifth - which they intend to train into their own sextet. They were very strict and demanding, but never abusive to any of their children.

        Except to Jonathan. Jon had sound-gustatory synesthesia, meaning that sounds trigger tastes in his mouth. If it were all ice cream (A sharp on the flute) and peanut butter (the scratch of pencil on paper), it wouldn't have been a problem, but there were unfortunately many sounds of the strings that tasted like sick, rotten fruit, and other tastes that made Jon nauseous. 

        Jon was otherwise a diligent learner - he was assigned the cello - and had perfect pitch thanks to the association between sounds and tastes. For this reason, his parents didn't believe him when he described his condition and were convinced he was giving excuses to be lazy. As he struggled more and more with his instrument, he was subjected to punishments such as having his meal taken away or being locked in the attic of their house.

"Sorry, er, can you say that again? My hearing aid was off."

        Jon himself never knew what synesthesia was. He told himself he was imagining it, and even believed he was lying to skip rehearsals. But the bad tastes were unbearable, and at one point, during one of his lock-up punishment, he stabbed a pencil into his left ear and damaged the ear drum. From there on his parents stopped locking him up in fear that he'd ruin his other ear.

        When Jonathan was 17, the Hirsch succeeded in organizing a small concert in another state. While performing Papillons by Schumann, anxiety coupled with the building nausea from the many unwelcome tastes caused Jon to throw up in the middle of the performance. Both ashamed and terrified, Jon ran away from the local conservatory and into the adjacent woodlands. He wandered for a few Gaps looking for poisonous plants and found monkshood, which he ate. 

        It was when Jon woke up in a morgue as a Survivor, did he know it'd been Midnight when he poisoned himself. He sought out the Nights and begged to be recruited, as well as to be sent somewhere far away. He became a Hunter and was assigned to Austria, his distant homeland. His childhood had left an impact on him, and his sound-gustatory synesthesia still presented a problem in daily life, but Jon was more alive now than he ever was. 

"I'll try my best, but... but don't expect much from me."


Preferred method of RP:
        Style: Preferably literate, but script is alright for headcanon discussions and character studies
        Platform: Email and Google Docs are preferred; Skype and Discord is alright; comments, notes and dA chat are discouraged
Blacklist: I don't have any trigger, but I'm uncomfortable with vomit so please avoid that when possible. 
Timezone: GMT+2
  • Jon has tried to draw before but he is hopeless at art.
  • He still gets nightmares of his childhood sometimes.
  • He is extremely picky about food.
  • His favorite flowers are wild ones that may or may not be poisonous.
[APH] little zoo

I'm thinking of making acrylic charms... Then again, I'll need some support before I open pre-orders ;v;

I'm also drawing a lot of illustrations (DenNor and maybe other nordics LOL) for a 2018 calendar for personal use. If anyone's interested I can put that on sale too with charms as bonus I guess?

Hetalia and all its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz
The artwork here is mine
50YP - Tsutsumi Koharu
for :icon50yearspast: it looks so fun!!
ye I drew that weaving machine I was feeling super extra //sobs

:: I D E N T I T Y ::

堤 小春

Tsutsumi, Koharu 

Little Spring - Late Summer

小 (ko) - small, little ; 春 (haru) - spring

Age: 19
    Age Appearance: Some people say she looks a little older than her age. Koharu doesn't like this.
Birthday: July 22th
    Astrological Sign: Cancer
    Zodiac Animal: Tiger
    Zodiac Element: Earth
Sex: Female
    Gender: Female (cisgender)
    Pronoun: she/her/hers
Sexuality: Demisexual - Unsure
    Koharu is quite sheltered, so she has never had any sexual experience. She feels uncomfortable whenever the subject is brought up, and would likely deny to discuss it. Devoted to family and work, she has never had eyes for anyone, either. To her, family is a duty. She hasn't thought of getting a husband, believing that she will have one when the time comes... somehow. 
    But it doesn't have to be a husband, does it?
Height: 5'7 / 170cm
Weight: 127lbs / 58kg
Class: Human
    Occupation: Weaver (apprentice)
    Affiliation: Neutral
Rank: 0

:: P E R S O N A L I T Y ::

Hardworking | Disciplined | Decisive | Astute | Protective | Dedicated

        Being the first daughter of the Tsutsumi family, Koharu will be the one to take over the Tsutsumi family's weaving trade. It's an honor and a duty, so she makes sure she is diligent in everything she learns and does. Weaving is also her passion, which she dedicates all her time and effort into mastering. She is strict on herself in her training: for her, practice doesn't only make perfect, it is also the only way to perfection. She is meticulous on what she does, and is seldom satisfied with her achievements.

        Her role model is her grandmother, who is over eighty years old and still a respectable leader in the house. She thrives to have the same kind of charisma, and believes it's her responsibility to protect her family member, make decisions, and keep their trade alive and competitive. For this reason, Koharu almost always keep her guards up. She doesn't take anyone's word for it, always demanding proof, and is not keen on superstitions other than paying homage to ancestors.

         She is quite the traditionalist, fond of all traditionally 'feminine' arts such as flower arranging (ikebana), playing the koto, and brewing tea. She doesn't excel in any of them, though (and to be honest, she is terrible at playing the koto). 

Uncreative | Rigid | Opinionated | Mistrustful | Possessive | Obstinate

        Koharu focuses on rules and regularities and doesn't know otherwise. She is no good at imagining new patterns that haven't been drawn out for her first. A weaver is an artisan and an artist, but Koharu is more worker than creator. This doesn't only stop at weaving: she doesn't know how to react to unexpected scenarios, and is very slow to adapt to changes. This doesn't only apply to routines, but beliefs as well. Once Koharu has insisted on something, she is hard to convince, even if she's wrong.

        Her wariness makes her highly skeptical on almost anything. She doesn't trust anyone, not even her family - the exception being her grandmother. She can come of as 'bossy', and the lack of trust she puts on her kin and partners with is a major hindrance to her budding leadership. 
She acts like she is in charge; however, when faced with emergency or danger, she is not calm and collected at all. She panics often, and tends to be irritable and snappy in tension. 

        Her excessive sense of responsibility makes her stress over the perfection of results. Likewise, she tends to think of collective success as her own, which can be irritating to anyone who works with her. 
When it came to her family and property, Koharu was territorial. She was especially quick to bristle when she thinks her little sister is in harm's way. 

:: E A R N I N G S ::

Coins Earned: 0
        Earnings: TBA

:: A B I L I T I E S  &  E Q U I P M E N T::

        Ability: Dodge and defense
                Koharu doesn't know how to attack other than striking random punches out of panic. However, she is gifted with the ability to dodge, and she prefers to do just that: dodge and defend herself until the offender wears out their stamina. This obviously doesn't work if she has to face more than one or two opponents at the same time; in that case, she will have to rely on her weapon for brief offense.
        Skill: Cloth weaving
                Trained in the art of weaving since the age of five and expected to be the heiress of the Tsutsumi family's craft, Koharu is advancing towards mastery in the techniques of weaving cloth. She is still far from being the best weaver, but she is diligent in learning and will strives to make Tsutsumi cloth the best on the market.
        Skill: Memorization of patterns
                 Koharu has an eye for patterns. Not just visual patterns like that of the colorful bolts of fabric she can weave, but all kinds of patterns: speech patterns, walking gaits, a person's daily routine, and even your pattern in combat. This means that her dodging will be even more effective when the opponent she fights is one that she has fought before.

Weapon: Hidden blade in the brooch she wears. The brooch looks like a filled cylinder, but in truth it can be pulled out into a small knife - the blade is only the size of her index finger. It is, however, pointy, and sharp enough to shave with.
        Weapon's Ability: However, shaving with this blade is highly unadvised, because it's made of a peculiar, poisonous metal. Simply touching the blade is not a problem, but once it breaks the skin the poison will instantly react with the blood and cause white-blue fire to start on the edge of the wound, even if it's just a small scratch. 
        The metal is said to be forged from magma and onibi curse. The technique is now obsolete, and only a handful of this metal remains. Almost all of them belong to the Tsutsumi family.
         Koharu doesn't like using her weapon because it leaves nasty consequences. It's only a last resort, and she will likely only make a small scratch on her opponent to distract them so that she can run away.

Strengths: Defense | Strategy | Charisma | Determination

Weaknesses: Offense | Stamina | Inflexibility | Her little sister (if you manage to take her little sister hostage, she will instantly surrender without resistance - meaning that all of her strengths will be canceled)           

Partners/Aids: None yet.

  :: H I S T O R Y ::

"Have you ever heard the tale of the Crane Wife?"

        Legends had it that, long, long ago, long before the Final Golden Arrow, even before the curse of the Demon Lord Sinek, there was a young man who was poor but had a golden heart. He gathered wood and sold them to villagers for a living. One summer night, he found a thin, small crane caught in a trap. The crane's pleading eyes and ragged feathers tugged at his heartstrings, and so he cut the rope and brought the animal home. He tended to it until its plumage was full and shimmering with life, then set it free.

        Moons had passed since then. Came a night where snow raged outside, the man suddenly heard a knock at his door as he sat by the hearth. It turned out to be a young, beautiful woman dressed in an elaborate red-and-white kimono, her face pale from coldness. She said she was an orphan running away from the people who wanted to put her in a brothel, and she was lost in the snow. Her pleading eyes and bleeding feet tugged at his heartstrings, so he opened the door and brought the woman in. He tended to the woman until her feet were soft and her skin was pink with life, then they became wife and husband.

        Years passed since then. They lived in poverty, but they had love and each other. When the wife bore her husband a pair of twins, a boy and a girl, their little family was spilling with joy. The husband took to doing odd jobs in the village to provide for his children; the wife sold her kimono to buy a loom and threads and started weaving fabric to sell. The fabric was oddly pretty, the patterns seemed to shimmer, and they sold for a high price in the village. Soon the husband did not have to do odd jobs anymore, but traveled to sell the fabric to other villages. They became rich.

        One day, the husband fell ill. The children were still too young to find work, so the wife worked all on her own. She wove day and night, and had to rely on merchants to sell her fabric. Merchants were flicker, greedy creatures, and so they asked more and more for their selling service. They told her that her fabric sold for little, because there were better weavers out there. This made the wife frantic, and she locked herself in the room with her loom, barely sleeping or eating anymore. All the money she made was used to buy medicine for her husband. They fell once again into poverty.

        Moons had passed since the husband fell ill. Came a night where the man felt he would not live for another day. He came to the weaving room, which the wife had forgotten to lock. When he locked inside, he did not see his wife, but a thin, small crane in a pitiful state. Its wings barely had any feather left, and it turned to him with fearful, teary eyes. 

        "My dear husband," the crane said, "you have seen my true form, and now I could no longer stay."

The husband, overwhelmed with regret, begged his wife to stay until he drew his last breath. The crane turned back into a woman, and they held each other as husband and wife for the last time. At dawn, the crane withdrew from the arms of the man who had passed. The crane wove her last bolt of fabric, blessed her children with her weaving craft, and left before they woke up.

        From there on, the crane's twin children, Shin and Nao, became the first weavers of the house Tsutsumi.

"Greetings. My name is Koharu; I hope we can work together harmoniously."

        The story was just a myth, Koharu knew. The real story was that there was a woman from a different land who was especially skilled in weaving, and who got married with a Tsutsumi man, and from there on it became the family business. She was fond of the tale, but didn't give it much importance - much like the rest of all legends, such as the story of the Guardian of Light. She was occupied with more dire matters.

        Koharu's first younger sibling was miscarried. Her mother was deeply affected by this, and so Koharu spent her childhood with her grandmother, learning the craft of the family as her mother went to live in a shrine to calm herself. A few years later, joy returned to her family when her mother gave birth to a healthy baby. The pink, squalling child soon grew up to be Koharu's adored little sister, Kotone ("sound of the koto"). Their business seemed to prosper with the presence of the miracle child, and though Koharu wanted to deny this, sometimes she was envious of the adoration that Kotori got. One time, in a quarrel, she wished Kotone had not been born, and she came to regret this wish forever.

        Because the Tsutsumi's joy didn't last long. One day, Kotone disappeared. The family was devastated when the small kanzashi she'd been wearing the day she was gone was sent back along with a letter asking for ransom. The Tsutsumi scrambled to gather the money, but it was too big, even for a thriving business. They didn't manage in time, and a few days later Kotone's mutilated body turned up beside their house.

        It took a toll on Koharu. She thought that her wish had been answered, so she blamed herself on her sister's death. More than that, she thought it was because she had been too caught up in learning techniques from her grandmother, that she had decline to watch her sister on that fateful day, and so it was her fault. She prayed to the gods that Kotone's soul would forgive her, and maybe return to her family again.

        Koharu was fifteen when her mother was once again with child. This time she also delivered, but she passed away in childbirth. This time, the family was mourning, and they didn't dare to flount their baby girl, Kouki ("light of hope"), like they had done with their late child. Koharu loved Kouki with all her heart. But she also lost faith in the gods, because they had taken her mother away. In her eyes, Kouki's birth was Kotone giving her another chance. The gods did nothing good; they only took her mother away.

        After all the misfortune, peace seemed to settle again in the Tsutsumi family. Business was slowly picking up again after the tragedies, and Koharu was proud of her progress. However, lately, her grandmother had been complaining of headaches and back pains. The old woman was already almost ninety of age, it was only a matter of time before she passed. And the craft of weaving was only passed down from mother to daughter to granddaughter, so Koharu was ever fearful in a race against time...

:: E X T R A  I N F O R M A T I O N ::

            Favorite food
            Theme song

Timezone: GMT +2

Preferred Method: Skype, Docs, Discord, Notes, etc.
            Preferred Style: Literature (Medium-Long paragraphs). Casual script may occur when discussing headcanons/plots.
            RP Sample: TBA

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